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Taking timing to the Edge with PTP and TSN – Part 1

Learn more about what Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) are and how to use them with StarlingX. Synchronous timing, latency, and accuracy are critical to supporting…

By Ian Jolliffe on 2020/08/24

The Road Towards Confirmation

Learn about how StarlingX has shaped during the community's journey towards confirmation. StarlingX is a supported by the , and you may also know it as a fully integrated, continuously evolving open…

By Ian Jolliffe on 2020/06/11

Ecosystems Matter - Community Collaboration Between CENGN and StarlingX

Learn about why collaboration is so important and how CENGN is contributing to StarlingX. I recently attended CENGN’s annual conference in Ottawa. They put on a great showcase of how they are enabling…

By Ian Jolliffe on 2019/12/09

Securing the Edge with StarlingX

Security on the edge is crucial. Learn more about how the StarlingX 2.0 release helps addressing this challenge. As we drive compute to the edge of the network many things change and become more…

By Ian Jolliffe on 2019/10/19

StarlingX Release 2.0 - Turning everything up side down

Learn more about the new StarlingX 2.0 release. The StarlingX is a relatively new open source project - announced in May of 2018 and things have changed, grown and evolved very quickly. It is a very…

By Ian Jolliffe on 2019/09/03