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Ecosystems Matter - Community Collaboration Between CENGN and StarlingX

By Ian Jolliffe on 09/12/2019

Learn about why collaboration is so important and how CENGN is contributing to StarlingX.

I recently attended CENGN’s annual conference in Ottawa. They put on a great showcase of how they are enabling and furthering the ecosystem of networking companies, small to medium enterprises as well as government agencies in Canada. A good recap of the conference can be found here.

CENGN is also a big contributor to the StarlingX community. Since the middle of 2018 they have been hosting build infrastructure and making available daily public builds of StarlingX available to the community. Active community members refer to the CENGN builds as part of their daily communications on the mailing list. I expect many people don’t know what CENGN does as a day job, but, they sure do know how important the builds are to the StarlingX community.

The builds are output to a CENGN provided mirror on a daily basis.

For our community this is an easy way to expose new users to the latest code without having to set up their own build infrastructure.

Community infrastructure is always hard to obtain and is always best if it can be provided in a vendor neutral way. Thank you to Boris Mimeur and the CENGN team for their vision and participation in the community.

StarlingX community members are working with a wide and diverse set of communities as we bring together technologies from a wide set of projects. People working on new StarlingX capabilities have contributed too many different projects.

Some examples of cross project and community contributions:

  • Armada in the Airship community
  • OpenStack Helm
  • Kubernetes Topology Manager project
  • OpenStack core projects like Nova, Neutron and Glance

In open source, it is important to recognize the impact of cross community collaboration. We can remain isolated in our bubbles or reach out and collaborate to enable an ecosystem where there is greater opportunity for success of our various projects.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” —African Proverb

This African proverb very accurately captures, in my view, how we need to think when we contribute to the open source projects we are involved in.

In closing, community is not just the ones you are directly involved in, it is really all about the ecosystem we are all part of and contributing to growing.

If you would like to learn more about the project and get involved check the website for more information or download the code and start to experiment with the platform.