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An overview of the StarlingX project

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StarlingX 101

If Your Future is on the Edge, StarlingX Wants You

The StarlingX virtualization platform focuses on easy deployment, low touch manageability, rapid response to events and fast recovery -- think control at the edge, control between IoT and cloud, and control over your virtual machines.

Rather than reference platforms and gap definition for edge use cases, StarlingX provides a deployment-ready, scalable and highly reliable edge infrastructure software platform to build mission critical edge clouds. Tested and released as a complete stack, StarlingX ensures compatibility among diverse open source components. Its unique project components provide fault management and service management among others to ensure high availability of user applications. The StarlingX community has optimized the solution for security, ultra-low latency, extremely high service uptime, and streamlined operation.

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StarlingX Use Cases

StarlingX is designed for ultra-low latency edge applications that require location optimization, security, and high throughput. Some of the targeted use cases where StarlingX is being used include:

Ultra Low-latency 5G and Industrial IoT (IIoT)

  • Autonomous vehicles (drones, cars and trucks)
  • Industrial automation (robotics and virtual Programmable Logic Controller (vPLC)
  • Cloud/virtual Radio Access Network (cRAN/vRAN)
  • Smart city/buildings (metering and monitoring)
Ultra Low-latency 5G and Industrial IoT (IIoT)
High Bandwidth, Large Volume Applications

High Bandwidth, Large Volume Applications

  • Mobile HD video
  • Content delivery
  • Healthcare (imaging and diagnostics)
  • Caching and surveillance

Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)

  • Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR)
  • Enterprise focused small cell services for stadiums and high-density locations
  • Unified Customer Premise Equipment (uCPE) applications
  • Retail
Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)

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