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StarlingX Is Setting the Trend to Go Distributed

StarlingX is in the forefront of the migration trend that takes cloud and turns it into a distributed system on varying scale. In just the last ten years, data centers have undergone a dramatic…

By Jeff Gowan on 2023/08/21

The Cure for StarlingX FOMO at Open Infrastructure Summit

FOMO, for those who are unfamiliar, stands for "fear of missing out." If you weren't able to attend the summit, or perhaps even if you did, some StarlingX "FOMO" could be understandable. After all…

By Jeff Gowan on 2019/05/22

What's in StarlingX for you and how to get started

You’ve heard about StarlingX but not sure it is for you yet? Learn more about opportunities and the first steps of starting to contribute. Maybe you already know that StarlingX is a fully-featured…

By Jeff Gowan on 2019/04/15