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StarlingX Hands-On Workshop at the Open Infrastructure Summit

By Curtis Collicutt on 2019/03/27

Learn more about the StarlingX Hands-On Workshop at Open Infrastructure Summit Denver.

StarlingX (STX) is an advanced open source project supported by the OpenStack Foundation. It combines Kubernetes and OpenStack (yes both!) to form a powerful substrate for applications. The use cases that are possible using STX are varied and numerous, from large OpenStack deployments with many compute nodes and integrated Ceph storage, to single server “edge” nodes for IoT and telecommunications related workloads.

At the upcoming half-day StarlingX workshop at the Open Infrastructure Summit we will answer questions like:

  • What is STX? How can I deploy it and use it?
  • How can I get hands on experience with STX?
  • What are the requirements to deploy STX?
  • How do Kubernetes and OpenStack work together in STX?
  • What is “the edge” and why are OpenStack and STX important to it?
  • How can I deploy a full production instance of OpenStack in as little as a single server?
  • What features does STX have and what design decisions have been made to make deploying and managing OpenStack, and Kubernetes, easier?

In the workshop we will cover the installation of STX in All-in-one Simplex (AIO-SX) mode from an ISO image. Each student will have their own Packet.com provided physical hypervisor in which to deploy a virtual STX AIO-SX node.

AIO-SX is a single server STX deployment that combines control plane and data plane, meaning, for example, that virtual machines created in OpenStack run on the same server as the OpenStack APIs, ie. they are co-located. The AIO-SX deployment will include both Kubernetes and OpenStack, and the workshop will consist of a repeatable, step by step deployment.

At the conclusion of the workshop, students will have a good understanding of what STX is and hands-on experience deploying STX in All-In-One Simplex mode.

If you are interested in joining don't forget to RSVP to the workshop to secure your seat. See you in Denver!

Curtis Collicutt is an OpenStack Architect at Interdynamix, a boutique systems integrator in Canada with a focus on Network Function Virtualization.